The House Bill Appropriations Committee endorsed a proposal to reinstate classroom funding flexibility that was removed int he 2016 NC budget law. House Bill 13 would restore previous funding formula where classes were funded based on average class size rather than the specific number of students assigned to a teacher. Wilkes County Representative Rob Elmore says this budget proposal would allow, on paper, larger class sizes, but the effect is funding flexibility for local schools.

Local schools say the budget law would restrict classroom funding to only core elementary-grade classrooms, removing financial flexibility school leaders use to hire teachers for subjects such as art, music and foreign language. Durham County Representative Mickey Michaux says the state should have clear funding for teaching positions, regardless of subject.

Legislative Fiscal Analysts respond saying it doesn’t change school funding levels. Rather, it changes how the money can be spent on teachers.

HB 13 Primary Sponser Representative Chuck McGrady says this is a bi-partisan bill with widespread support.

HB 13 appears headed to the House floor for a vote.

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