Buncombe County Representative Chuck McGrady and Mecklenburg County Representative John Bradford say their HB2 repeal bill (H 186) is latest best chance at repealing HB2 and replacing with a compromise law that “keeps local governments out of bathrooms” yet is acceptable to business, sports and entertainment interests that say they’re boycotting North Carolina.  Charlotte City Councilman, James Mitchell, calls H186 a great step that opens a dialogue on compromise.

House Bill 186 would repeal the current HB2 law but would outlaw local governments from passing ordinances similar to the Charlotte ordinance that sparked House Bill 2 in 2016 without a holding a local referendum or a few months’ of public input.  Rep. Chuck McGrady addresses a question on whether local governments holding local votes on LGBT protective ordinances will actually spark an intra-state culture war between rural and urban communities.



House Bill 186 sits on the NC House’s Rules Committee where, Rep. Chuck McGrady says, it will stay until he’s sure he has the votes to pass the legislation and send it to the Senate.  He admits the legislation will need to generate support from a large number of Democrats while retaining the support of about half the House Republican caucus.  There is no indication that Senate leaders will debate House Bill 186 should it pass the House.


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