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Retro Candy: Full Episode

Discover the band "Retro Candy". These four NC State graduates came together and discovered their passion for music. You will learn about a house called the "Dojo", what's next for them and how Retro Candy ended up playing at the 2017 NC State Fair's Battle of the...

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Retro Candy: NC State Fair

The members of Retro Candy discuss how much they have grown since they first started and where the music has taken them. The band reminisces about past concerts and shares their biggest concert to date at the 2017 NC State Fair....

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Retro Candy: What’s Next?

The band members of Retro Candy talks about what's next for them after graduating from North Carolina State University. Jade, Chris, Brennan and Oren debate whether they should follow their degree paths or continue to pursue music as a career....

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Retro Candy: The Dojo

The band members of Retro Candy reminisce about their days together at North Carolina State University. In particular, the time they spent living at the old building that is affectionately nicknamed the "Dojo". The band shares some behind the scenes footage and...

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Retro Candy: Naming the Band

Jade Maurelle of Retro Candy, reveals some of the previous names the band used in the past and how the band finally decided on the name "Retro Candy"....

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Retro Candy: Meet the Band

Meet the four members of Retro Candy. Retro Candy was one of the three bands that played in the "Battle of the Bands" at the 2017 NC State Fair. In this segment, the band members talk about where they grew up and how they ended up together in North Carolina....

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