NC Spin for May 25, 2018

Welcome to this Memorial Day edition of NC SPIN. 80 of North Carolina’s 100 counties are considered rural and the gap between urban and rural counties grows wider each year. There are indeed two North Carolinas…the wealthier, growing urban and exurban counties and,...

Front Row w/ Marc Rotterman: May 25, 2018

N.C. House Budget Leader explains GOP 2018 budget plan…hot U.S. Senate race in Florida

Moore Brothers Band: The Full Story

From Hickory North Carolina, get to know the Moore Brothers Band.

Comic Culture: Jim Starlin

Today on Comic Culture, host Terence Dollard chats with writer and artist Jim Starlin who is known for his work in the Space Opera genre of comics.

Moore Brothers Band: The Sound of Hickory

Learn how the Moore Brothers Band prepare for their live performances, and hear their experiences performing in Dorton Arena at the North Carolina State Fair.