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Situation Report | NC Channel

Retired Navy Corpsman Moses Gloria discusses combat and life after injury

UNC-TV’s North Carolina Channel Veteran’s Affairs is the landing page for connecting military and veterans across North Carolina with the services available to them, the programs that honor them, and the events that support them.  We have partnered with the key private and public entities across the state that help with military family life, transitions to civilian life, and the continued support needed throughout your life as a veteran.

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Jeff joined UNC-TV in 2003 covering military, veteran, and North Carolina topics as a reporter/anchor. Jeff has produced multiple series and specials for UNC-TV including the 3 time Emmy Nominated documentary on Flight Refueling with the Air Force, the Emmy nominated series on an inside look at Breast Cancer in one North Carolina family, China’s science and technology education compared to North Carolina High School students, and many more. In February 2018, Jeff launches the weekly Military and Veterans Affairs show called Situational Report or Sit-Rep. 

Jeff is a native North Carolinian and lives in Apex with his wife and two children.  

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